Social Responsibility
Our Commitments
To Our People
To Our Business Partners
To Our Environment
To Our Community
Our people are pivotal to our success, and we strive to be an employer of choice through the opportunities we provide for our employees to grow as well as the competitive remuneration and benefits we offer.
Recruiting and retaining talent
In our recruitment process, we treat all job applicants equally regardless of their gender, sexual orientation, marital status, race, nationality, ethnicity, religion, age, disability or union membership. We are committed to promoting diversity and inclusion in the workplace with zero tolerance for harassment and discrimination on any grounds, and we constantly review procedures to ensure that all employees are given equal access to opportunities and suitable positions.
Regarding the career progression of our employees, we reward and promote our people based on their performance, ability and potential.
Training and Development
We are committed to help nurture the growth of our people and realization of their potential through the training opportunities we offer, which focus on three areas: technical, functional and soft skills.
In terms of personal development and career planning, we encourage our employees to undertake annual Employee Performance Appraisal (EPA) and set annual goals. This tool allows employees to track career development and discuss progress with their managers.
Promoting health, safety and well-being
The health, safety and well-being of our employees is our highest priority. We have established an Employee, Health and Safety ("EHS") team to identify and mitigate any risks associated with health and safety in our operations.
All employees receive occupational health and safety training upon joining TPV. Our occupational health services include hazard identification and assessment to ensure workplace safety, and free health checks are offered to individuals exposed to hazardous working conditions. In addition, we provide mandatory medical check-ups and health insurance for our employees and a variety of retirement plans, including pension scheme and post-employment medical care scheme in accordance with local rules and regulations.
Labour standards
We respect and strive to uphold the human rights of our employees and those working in our supply chain. We have joined the UN Global Compact and committed to making its principles including those on human rights and labour part of our strategy and operations. To supplement internal audit efforts, we also conduct EICC (Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition) audits to ensure no child labour and forced labour exists in any of our operations.
Employee Communication
We value the voices of our employees and have established a variety of communication channels, including comment boxes, hotlines and internal audit mailboxes. All communication is strictly confidential and is only disclosed to the most appropriate person.
In order to promote sustainable development of the supply chain, we extend our commitment to responsible corporate behaviour to our key partners as well, strengthening responsible supplier management and building closer partnerships with our suppliers.
Supply Chain Management
Supplier Code of Conduct
In March 2021, we introduced our Supplier Code of Conduct, which suppliers and business partners are thereby required to sign. We are committed to urging all our suppliers to be socially responsible – to show zero tolerance to human right abuses and environmental degradation and to ensure their employees’ freedom to choose an occupation and freedom of association are protected.
Conflict Minerals Management
Conflict minerals are minerals mined in conditions where human rights abuses occur. The term typically refers to four minerals – tungsten, tantalum, tin and gold (3TG) – that are mined in the eastern region of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC).
We are committed not to purchase raw materials, subassemblies or supplies, which we know contain conflict minerals. As a member of the Responsible Minerals Initiative (RMI), we are committed to the control of conflict minerals and have created a conflict mineral management system in accordance with the OECD’s five step framework for due diligence in the supply chain.
Engaging Suppliers
We believe that close collaboration with our suppliers is essential to achieving supply chain sustainability. To this end, we actively express our expectations in terms of social responsibility to our suppliers and help them improve their operation to meet our requirements.
Since 2020, we have provided Responsible Business Alliance (RBA) training to our suppliers and employees (e.g. those from the procurement department) to share industry insights for mutual benefit. Through this training, our suppliers and employees have become more aware of environmental protection and social issues such as child labour, modern slavery and human trafficking.
Environmental sustainability is at the core of our business operations and sustainability strategy. As a leading display manufacturer, it is both our responsibility and the expectation of our stakeholders to reduce our ecological footprint by improving operational efficiency and adopting sustainable product design. As set out in our environmental policy, we are committed to continuously upgrading our environmental management system, improving resource efficiency (including materials, energy and water), promoting green design, production and supply chain.
We have established a well-developed environmental management system in line with the international standard ISO 14001 to guide the company's green operations and to continuously seek opportunities for improvement. We have obtained ISO 14001 certification, covering 62.5% of our operational facilities. We have developed an Environmental, Health and Safety (“EHS”) Management Manual, which outlines TPV's roles and responsibilities in environmental protection, associated risks and opportunities as well as targets and indicators. Ongoing monitoring and audits are also conducted to ensure that the environmental impacts of our operations are properly mitigated.
Reducing Emissions
Since the end of 2020, we have begun to set a new emission reduction target that aims to comply with the Paris Agreement and obtain verification from the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi).
Across our factories and sites around the world, specific policies and procedures are implemented to control emissions such as replacing traditional lighting with LED panel lights, reducing the number of cars owned by the company, and installing fume purifiers in our facilities for flue gas treatment.
Energy Conservation
we place great emphasis on energy conservation and have introduced various policies and guidelines to improve energy efficiency.
Our factories and offices around the world have adopted suitable energy saving policies, such as installing more energy-efficient air-conditioning systems with smart control, installing solar PV systems to generate electricity on-site, purchasing renewable energy for our production facilities and offices in Europe, and engaging external agencies to conduct regular energy audits of our operations to seek continuous improvements in energy efficiency.
Furthermore, our office in Amsterdam has been awarded the ISO 5001 certification for its energy management system and we aim to encourage more of our offices and sites to attain the certificate.
Waste Management
We are committed to managing the waste generated by our business and operating sites in a responsible manner to minimise the impact on the environment and surrounding communities. Our waste management principles encourage reduction at source, and the reuse and recycling of waste. We also aim to employ new and advanced technologies to identify process inefficiency and minimise the waste generated.
For disposal of hazardous and non-hazardous waste, qualified third parties have been appointed to collect the waste generated from our premises. We have established dedicated processes for waste sorting, storage and treatment that strictly comply with relevant local laws and regulations. For example, our operations in China report regularly to the local authorities on matters related to hazardous waste treatment.
Our products are designed with sustainable design principles in mind including “using environmentally-friendly materials”, “eco-design” and “easy dismantling”, and we aim to reduce potential environmental impact from the source by welding together components or reducing the number of parts required through modular design. We have also established a green product management system in response to the request of our customers.
We are committed to utilizing more environmentally friendly materials in our products and packaging. In terms of products, in 2020, approximately 8.5% of the total material (by weight) used in our final products are recycled material. In terms of packaging, we use soy-based or water-based inks for carton box printing, while the boxes are sourced from recycling companies. In addition, we are constantly exploring ways to create new designs that balance sustainable productivity with excellent performance. For example, some of our monitor designs incorporate power-efficient features such as energy-efficient LED backlight technology that maintains brightness and colour, and other power-saving technologies that can detect the user’s presence and adjust screen brightness automatically.
Community engagement is one of TPV’s core values. We aspire to share our business success with our local communities through contributing to COVID-19 relief efforts, supporting quality education, establishing a CSR Foundation, and giving other supports to mitigate poverty in the world. We also encourage our employees to participate in TPV’s community outreach programs and fulfil our commitment to the community through voluntary work and donations.
Combating Covid-19
In the effort to combat the spread of COVID-19, our employees have completed more than 600 hours of community service and TPV has donated over US$424,000 to support various community initiatives in 2020. In particular, we provided 780 display devices and over 3,000 sets of medical supplies to Caidian, Wuhan during its worst outbreak of the pandemic.
Supporting Quality Education
We are committed to creating equal access to education. We have been running a charity campaign at the “Mamãe Margarida” shelter in Brazil, which has helped over two hundred girls develop a sense of citizenship through lectures on ethics, mental health and citizenship. We have also donated food, personal care and hygiene products, and digital devices for learning to the girls to help facilitate their growth both personally and intellectually.
CSR Foundation
In June 2020, AOC, MMD and TP Vision launched a CSR Foundation together with the aim to provide financial support for projects that have a lasting positive effect on society. For example, we partnered with international charity Mercy Ships and donated displays, monitors, headphones and soundbars for their eLearning program. In the future, we plan to expand the scope of the CSR foundation to cover more entities and develop it into the CSR foundation for the whole Group.