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TPV’s Listing on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange
TPV had been dual-listed on the Hong Kong and Singapore Stock Exchange and was privatised at the end of 2019. Through undergoing a material asset restructuring with a Shenzhen Stock Exchange listed company under the same controlling shareholder, Nanjing Huadong Electronics Information & Technology Co., Ltd, TPV has been officially listed in mainland China by the end of 2020. The listed company has strategically withdrawn from LCD panel industry and positioned itself as an intelligent display manufacturer focusing on the R&D, manufacturing, sales and services of monitors, TVs, audio products, and mobile phones.
In May 2021, the listed company officially changed its name to "TPV Technology Co., Ltd" with the stock code 000727.
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Key Figures
Last updated on: 2021-12-31
Operating Revenue
¥ 70.61 bn
Net Profit
¥ 532 m
Total Assets
¥ 41.39 bn
Net Assets
¥ 2.02 bn
*Net profit: the net profit attributable to the listed company’s shareholders
*Net assets: the net assets attributable to the listed company’s shareholders
Top Shareholder
Last updated on: 2021-12-31
Shareholder % Holding Number of shares
Nanjing Panda Information Industry Group Co., Ltd. 24.51% 1,110,344,828
Nanjing New Industry Investment Group Co., Ltd. 9.99% 452,336,244
Nanjing Machinery & Electronics Industrial (Group) Co., Ltd. 9.66% 437,607,970
Nanjing Huadong Electronics Group Co., Ltd. 3.62% 163,832,956
Hong Kong Securities Clearing Company Ltd. 1.42% 64,409,897
Fuanda Fund - Nanjing New Industry Investment Group Co., Ltd. - Fuanda Ruixuan No. 5 Equity Single Asset Management Scheme 0.80% 36,230,000
Huang Weitao 0.30% 13,495,319
Hu Dacheng 0.25% 11,103,200
Feng Bonan 0.24% 10,906,200
Zhong Jianlun 0.22% 10,002,200
Global Reach
TPV is globally positioned with 3,500 sales & services centers worldwide and offers one-stop services to customers from sales and global logistic support to after sales services.
With 13 manufacturing bases located in China, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Poland, Russia and Thailand, we are able to take advantage of the tax incentives provided by some of the local governments, reduce the cost of logistics by shipping products to local customers, and better understand the market demands and predict the market trends at a local level.
Manufacturing Capacity & Innovation
TPV has a high manufacturing capacity - with our advanced automated production lines and highly skilled technical staff, we have topped the global monitor display market by shipments for years. With our large production volume, TPV leverages economies of scale and enjoys greater bargaining power in procurement compared to our competitors. At the same time, we continue to strive towards digital transformation to smart factories to further improve the manufacturing efficiency and quality of our products.
We have always maintained a strong focus on R&D - with more than 3,000 R&D engineers, over 1,000 patents and various international design prizes each year, we continue to be one of the leading innovators in the industry.
Long-Lasting Business Relationships
With years of experience in display manufacturing, TPV has built solid and trusted business relationships with some of the world’s leading IT brands and major panel suppliers.
We have well-developed panel procurement procedures and strong channel management capabilities to ensure the stable supply of panels and other key components. At the same time, TPV has built a good reputation among IT brands and with a diversified customer base, we continuously grow in our shipment orders.
OBM/ODM Business Model
TPV adheres to a two-pronged OBM/ODM business model: we not only design and manufacture products for some of the best-known TV and PC brands in the world for a sustainable return, we also distribute display products under our own brands AOC, AGON, Envision, and under a long-term exclusive license agreement with Philips to further expand our market reach and increase profit margin.