Products and Solutions
Intelligent Manufacturing
With its advanced automated production technology, TPV has built multiple intelligent production lines. Through the data acquisition and monitoring & control systems, all equipment’s data is being collected and monitored round the clock with big data analysis carried out simultaneously to ensure product quality is maintained. Our decades of experience in manufacturing of monitors and TVs for companies from various sectors has enabled us to maintain stable long-term relationships with some of the best-known TV and PC brands across the globe, serving as their trustworthy original design manufacturer (“ODM”).
TPV has already set the goal to become a leading global intelligent manufacturer in the display sector with its plan of "TPV Smart Manufacturing 2025" – implementing digital factories by 2024 followed by transforming them into smart factories by 2026. Through big data, AI, VR/AR, blockchain and other cutting-edge technologies, we aim to achieve intelligent mode of production combining both flexibility and customization, and to help make our products, equipment, management, and services ‘smarter’.
Smart Factory
Monitor Manufacturing
TV Manufacturing
‘TPV Smart Manufacturing 2025’ Plan
TPV’s smart factories are designed based on the ISA-95 framework. The production data is transferred from IOT / SCADA system of entity layer and access layer to MES system of execution layer, then integrated by ERP / PLM / SCM application of management layer, and at last analysed by BI / AI / cloud-based big data of decision layer. We plan to implement digital factories by 2024 and transform them into smart factories by 2026.
Automated Factories
TPV will equip its highly automated future factories with a large number of material handling robots and an intelligent storage system.
Lighthouse Production Lines
In collaboration with our suppliers, TPV's technical teams continue to lead the way in the innovation of equipment and production process, build automated lighthouse production lines, and rapidly promote well-developed new techniques to improve the manufacturing process of existing products.
OC auto screen-attaching
Using robots instead of manual labour, we achieve automated material handling and automated assembly lines, and improve manufacturing productivity. We always put quality of our products first by ensuring the accuracy of attaching the screens (a tolerance of 0.1mm) through 12 CCD camera-based accurate positioning.
OC side sealing machines
Cell side sealing machines, used for three side sealing of large-sized LCD panels, can operate on two platforms to save loading and unloading time. Three spray-heads spray glue at three sides simultaneously, which greatly improves the production efficiency. The visual positioning system is used to ensure the position accuracy of the sealing glue, the piezoelectric injection valve is used to ensure adequate supply of the glue, and the ED line light source is used to solidify the glue.
Curved OC auto attaching
Through digital transformation of the assembly process of LCM curved screens and the dynamic visual combination of robotic arms and industrial cameras, the LCD glasses and backlight modules can be identified flexibly and accurately. At the same time, the backlight modules are also being reshaped to achieve the accurate and swift integration of curved LCD glasses and curved backlights.
● The curvature can reach R1000mm (industry standard: R1500mm)
● The assembly accuracy can reach ± 0.2mm (industry standard: ± 0.4mm)
Auto end-of-line testing
A large database with a collection of information for different products is established, the product model number in SFIS system is obtained using the SN number, and the test spec of the product is obtained in SFIS and PLM system using the product model number. A pre-set programme tests the product, checks the results, sends the result (OK / fail) to the PLC system, and then promptly uploads and saves the test results to SFIS / MES system.
Monitor Manufacturing
TPV provides Original Design Manufacturing (ODM) service for a wide range of high-end and professional displays including gaming, graphic design, medical and commercial displays combined with intelligent solutions.
Our experienced design teams have been working closely with many of the world's leading brands, providing competitive display solutions that include products incorporating both aesthetic design and high quality as well as providing the service to efficiently manufactured the products. Our ability to customise our display solutions to meet the needs of customers from different sectors with varying business models makes us the ideal choice for ODM partner.
Gaming Monitor
PC Gaming Monitor
Size 24”~34”
Flat or Curved 1000R
High frame rate (>=100Hz)
Low response time (<=5ms)
Variable Refresh Rate (VRR)
High Dynamic Range (HDR)
RGB LED Lighting Effect
Console Gaming Monitor
Size 31.5”~65”
High frame rate (>=100Hz)
Low response time (<=5ms)
Variable Refresh Rate (VRR)
High Dynamic Range (HDR)
RGB LED Lighting Effect
Mobile Gaming Monitor
Size 15”~17”
High frame rate (>=100Hz)
Touch panel option
Battery inside option
Commercial Display
LCD Digital Signage
Size 32”~86”
Aspect Ratio 16:9
Brightness 400/500/700nits
Support SDM or OPS
LCD Interactive White Board (IWB) and Conference Display
Size 43”~86”
Aspect Ratio 16:9
PCap or IRTouch Screen
Accessory: WPS, Stylus, WebCAM, Stand
LCD Video Wall
Size 55”~65”
Aspect Ratio 16:9
BtB 0.9/1.8/3.5mm
Brightness 500/700nits
Support Daisy chain
Support OPS
LED Video Wall
Indoor type P1.2~P3.9 mm
Brightness 800~3200nits
RGB LED Direct view
No bezel
Medical Monitor
Medical Monitor
DICOM (Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine) Compliance
IEC/EN 60601-1 Safety Requirement
Antimicrobial Housing
Ergo Stand
VESA Mount
E-Paper Display
6”E Ink Panel
Resolution 1072x1448
Quad Core Processor 1.8GHz
Wi-Fi 2.4G/5G, BT5.0
3.5mm Ear Phone Jack
2000mah Battery
13.3”E Ink Panel
Resolution 2200x1600
Quad core processor 1.8GHz
Wi-Fi 2.4G/5G, BT5.0
Antibacterial case
4000mah Battery
E-Name Plate
7.3”E Ink Panel
Resolution 800x480
B/W/R/Y, 4 Color Display
AAA Dry Battery x2
BLE Wireless
E-Assistant App Casting
E-Door Sign/ Patient Care Sign
13.3”E Ink Panel
Resolution 1600x1200
B/W/R, 3 Color Display
LED Light Warning
Removable Battery
28”~42”E Ink Panel
Aspect Ratio 16:9/32:9/4:3
Quad Core Processor
Open Frame Design
Removable Battery
TV Manufacturing
TPV provides Original Design Manufacturing (ODM) service for TVs that support all major digital TV broadcasting standards (ATSC/DVB/ISDB) and smart TV operating systems (Android/Roku/Fire TV/Linux) with a variety of display technologies (e.g. OLED, Mini LED and LCD backlight technology, etc.).
With our experienced global R&D and design teams, we are the preferred ODM partner of various renowned brands. We provide innovative and cost-competitive smart TV solutions that include products of highly aesthetic design and excellent picture and sound quality as well as efficient manufacturing capacity of the products and sales and after-sales services around the globe.
MiniLED Series
OD5 with MiniLED backlight, more than 10K MiniLED chips
1024 local dimming zones for the best contrast performance
High peak brightness up to 2000 nits
High color gamut with Quantum Dot Technology (over NTSC 100%)
Bezel-less Alu frame design, maximizing the viewing screen
Bezel-less OD22
OD22 with cost effective backlight solution
Different high brightness options, up to 400 nits
High color gamut option, up to NTSC 85%
Bezel-less metal frame design, maximizing the viewing screen
Bezel-less OD35 Series
OD35 with most cost effective backlight solution
Different high brightness options, up to 350 nits
High color gamut option, up to NTSC 85%
Bezel-less metal frame design, maximizing the viewing screen